We will go ahead and do show and tell, this week.  We'll start this first time off with a chance for everyone to bring something in.   Later we will be rotating through, with four students each week doing show and tell, and four doing a book-share (this is a small 'commercial' for the class, about some book they have read, recently - please remember that we are a Christian school, we would rather not have the children exposed to such books as Harry Potter, or Vampire books - choose carefully and focus on 'wholesome topics', as much as possible!!).  We'll start the book-share rotation, next week, when we start rotations for show-and tell.  I'll post the rotation list early next week some time.

For our first 'whole class show-and-tell', this first week, let's not try to do any live pets, just to keep it a tiny bit simpler, since we are doing everyone.  Later, if you child wants to bring a live pet for show-and-tell, when it is their turn in the rotation, it is fine, as long as arrangements are made ahead of time, and the pet is only at school during the show and tell time.

(please also note, that due to the placement testing that I have been doing, this week, with the need to work one-on-one with each student, I have allowed the students to bring toys and personal items to school to play with during the 'quiet time' that they are having, while I have done that testing.  After this week, we will need for that habit to stop, as we will be getting going on curriculum, on Monday, and won't want the distractions.  Show and tell items should be brought in, on Fridays, with some attempt to keep them hidden (in a paper bag?) so that they are not a distraction during the non-show-and-tell part of the day.  We'll have a special place they can be stashed, to wait for the show-and-tell time (lockers work well, too!).  : ) 

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