Spelling is an aspect of our Pathways Language Arts curriculum.  We go through a repeating weekly progression for studying our words.  I would like to suggest, that even though I'm not big on official 'homework' spelling is one of the subjects that can be greatly assisted with review a home.  Here is our weekly pattern, including what I suggest is done at home.  The words are chosen to tie into the reading and writing selections the students are working on each week.  Most grade levels have 20 words per week. 



In Class - we do something called 'Hide and Seek' - the students will look at the word, and then attempt to write it without looking (Hide).  Then, they will check it, themselves (seek), and if it is wrong, they are to write it 3-5 times. 

At Home- It would be good to go over the words with your student, and be sure they know how to pronounce the words and check to see if they have a basic understanding of the meaning (this is obviously more of an issue in the upper grades!)



In Class - we do 'Box Words' which is an exercise that encourages the students to pay attention to the shape of the word.  We will likely be adding in a Spelling City (computer-based lesson) activity on Tuesday's too, as time allows, for individual students.

At Home -The spelling city program will be available to your student at home. 



In Class - Word Sort - this is an activity that encourages the students to look for spelling patterns in the words, and pay attention to differences in those patterns. 

At Home - Simple drill, in preparation for the test on Friday



In Class - Pre-test - students will take a practice test with another student.  Words that they miss should be practiced 3-5 times each, and should be the focus of any Spelling City work, and any at homework.


At Home - Practice tests (do several if they are missing words find creative ways to drill, and help them remember - such as singing the letters or making a rhythm pattern from them)




In Class - Test

At Home - many families have successfully encouraged their students to do well by providing some sort of small incentive for a score of 80% or more. (this doesn't have to cost a lot - simple things like "I get to choose what is for dinner from two choices Mom gives me" - or "I get to stay up 15 minutes later on Friday night" work quite well)


For those of you who are used to coming here to find the spelling lists, I'm am hoping to set up a 'dashboard' area, that will be accessed with a password, that will have individualized information for your student, including 'late work' and what we are working on in EACH subject - (Note: Due to time constraints, this may not happen until a week or two into the school year - but I am going to work to make it happen, if at all possible).  Spelling lists will be accessed there, along with memory verses, and topical indications for other subjects, such as 'Fractions' for Math, and 'Metamorphosis' for Science.  It should be set up by late August at the latest.  You will want to reset your bookmarks at that point, if that is how you have typically accessed this page.






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