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School Supply



Desert View Christian School

Supplies List



Personal items:

  • Backpack (not *required*, but many students like to have them)

Most items due to Covid19 are going to be provided at the school level.  The list below is for the general overflow if needed.  This will enable students and parents the assurance that the supplies are sanitized and ready for their use when the school year starts.



The following items will be collected, to create classroom stash, they will be pooled for use by all of the students.  So, please do not label them with your student's name. And if your student wants any of these items for personal use, please purchase extra, so that they can still contribute to the stash  AND have their own.  (this is not encouraged) Also note that if your budget is tight, this is the place to cut corners, you can always spread this stuff out, and buy some of it in later months and send it in later!

  • 30-60 (at least) Ticonderoga #2 pencils (and, yes, it's kind of important to get the Ticonderoga brand, they work best in the sharpeners)

  • Glue-stick packs (at least 6 individual sticks)

  • 4 oz. Elmer’s glue bottle

  • 3 packs of lined 3x5 cards

  • 1 pack (1-3 pads) of sticky notes (post-it style) (standard size is best, but the small

      ones that are about 1 inch by 1.5 inches can work too)

  • 1 box of Kleenex/tissues

  • 1 bottle hand sanitizer (preferably with Aloe)

  • 1 large tub of Lysol wipes

  • 2 rolls of paper towels 

  • Pkg of wide-tip whiteboard markers

  • pkg of narrow-tip whiteboard markers



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