September 10

So, I'm thinking perhaps we need to just have the note be a Tuesday note, this year!  (I'll still try to get it to Mondays, maybe next week!) 

Three things need attention this week:

  • Hot lunches

  • Field trips

  • Technology


So, we had our first hot lunch yesterday - it was great!!  Some of the students were a bit unsure of the concept of a 'haystack' - but the lunch ladies asked them to at least try it, this time.  This will not always be the case.  But for this first time, it seemed to be a good idea so that they could know what 'haystacks' were.  Next week's lunch will be macaroni and cheese, with salad and garlic bread - and a yummy home-made dessert of some sort.  Please know that the food is mostly donated, so the money is going into the home-and-school fund.  I'm hoping to set up a place, here on the website, where you can select whether your student is planning to take part in the lunch each week or not (on a week by week basis), so that the ladies know how to plan.


     Our first 'field trip' is actually tomorrow!  We will be walking across the street, and taking part in the food-basket preparation that the Lutheran church does, as a service project.  This is something we do 4-5 times per year.  We are typically only over there for about two hours, so the rest of the day will be an 'ordinary' day. Please send canned goods, if you can, in the morning.

     The second field trip will be on October 9th.  We will be traveling to Emmett, to visit the Hastings family orchard.  The students will come home with a bag of apples.   Parents are welcome to join in, and in fact we will need some parents to come along, as drivers, we will need seating for 6 more students.  If you want to drive you will need to jump through a few hoops (insurance verification and volunteer back-ground check) so please get in touch with me ASAP, so that we can assist you getting that done.  This trip will be an all-day trip. We will leave just after worship in the morning and return in time for the usual pick-up time.


     We will be using computers to do some of our writing assignments this year, and in order for your student to do that, you will need to set up an e-mail account for your student.  If your student already has and e-mail (and knows their e-mail), that is perfect.  No need to set up a new e-mail account.  If our student does not have an e-mail account, please know that there are plenty of free services out there, you do not need to pay for this.  If you are uncomfortable with your child having an e-mail account yet (particularly in the case of the younger 3-4 students) please talk to me, and we will see if we can come up with a work-around for your students. 

    Also, if you are not connected with me, directly, via Remind, please make sure you let me know.  You should get text messages and/or e-mails from me via Remind, this is one of my primary ways of staying in touch with you.  So please be sure you are connected from your end.  (you should have received a Remind notice that this post was put up)

   There will also be a new service we will be adding this year, called SeeSaw.  This will be a means by which you will be able to keep your finger on the pulse of what is going on inside the classroom.  Students will post little recordings of things like presentations they have done, photos of the science experiments we are working on, or assignments that they are proud of, or their weekly chart, if they want to show it to you (or I need you to see it).  These thins will be posted to SeeSaw, where you will have (Protected) access to it there.  I will get information to you soon about how to plug in to our class via SeeSaw.  That and the following item will likely come home as a paper flyer one day later this week, or early next week.

    Lastly - We are using Xtra Math for our math drill time, this year, rather than a daily paper math fact drills.  Your students can do this at home, for extra practice - they can access it on a PC for free, with the login information that they should already know.  If they (or you) want to access it via a mobile app, that is possible too, but will require a $5 purchase on your part.  Again, a flyer will come home soon about that. 

We are having a great year!!  Hard to believe we are already going on 4 weeks in!!!

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