Our word lists for Vocabulary come from the Pathways program and tie into the reading and writing that the students are doing during any particular week. Our study of these words follows a specific pattern throughout the week.  We start the week by filling out a 'word map' on each vocabulary word.  The primary focus of this activity is to familiarize the students with dictionary use, and also get them familiar with the individual words for each week.  They are to copy the definition, indicate what type of word it is (noun, verb, etc...), and list 2-3 synonyms or antonyms.  Then, they are to use the word in a sentence.  When I grade these pages, the sentence is the main thing I check, because I feel if they can use the word in a sentence, that gives me a good indication of their level of understanding.  On Tuesday, we make flash cards.  This is a chance to fine-tune the definition, and make sure the student is on the right track.  Wednesday we do some sort of an activity with the words, typically a crossword puzzle.  Our test for Vocabulary is a matching test, and we do that on Thursday.  Encouraging your students to bring their vocabulary cards home, on Wednesday evening, and drilling them on their words is another one of those 'homework' items you can work through as a part of your weekly routine.



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