Hello, I'm hoping that getting back into the routine has been as helpful at your house, as it has been at mine!


Several things have changed about the note.  #1 - I am no longer going to call it the 'Monday Note'.  Obviously it often comes out on Tuesday, Wednesday, or even, as it did this week, Thursday- sometimes I even get it out early, on Sunday (that is actually my new goal), so it seems silly to call it the Monday Note.  So, I'll now refer to it as the 'weekly note' and simply try to make sure you have the information you need well before you need it.


That being said here is something important you need to know ASAP - there was a bit of glitch in the calendar when we received it from the conference last spring, for this school year. Martin Luther King Jr. day was on the wrong Monday!  This was pointed out to me by one of you, back in about October and I changed it and updated the calendars here on the website, and I believe I let you all know that at that point but I am honestly not sure, and don't want to take the time to look through all the old notes just to defend myself (who was thinking about January at that point anyway?!). However it has come to my attention that some parents printed that calendar, at the beginning of the year, and are still following it.  The actual date of MLK day is January 20.  That is the date we will be observing it, with a day of no school.  If you printed a calendar early in the year, you will want to note this change.  We WILL be at school, on Monday, January 13. (provided there is not a snow day!) And our day of no school for MLK will be January 20, on the actual MLK day.  Sorry for the confusion!! 

Regarding snow days - remember we follow the Mt Home School District's lead on these calls.  So if they cancel school, we will too.  Also remember that I still try to get the students outside, as much as possible, so when there is snow on the ground, we need students to have boots, coats, gloves, hats, etc.  Even a pair of slippers or slip-on shoes, to keep in the classroom, so that boots can be left at the door, would be helpful.

Other items of importance, for you to note are that the automated version of the posting of the spelling lists every week is not actually going to be a thing, as I had hoped it would be (it can't be automated).  We would have to upgrade our subscription to WIX, and even then, I'm not sure it would work.  So, I will not be posting them there anymore.  We will be using SeeSaw and/or the old fashioned 'take this extra list home to study' method to make sure you have the list at home, to help your students practice every week.  Memory verses and Hot lunch will still be in the Dashboard, and I will also be posting what our current PBL project is, so that you are aware of the research project your student might be working on.  This is not so much so that you can take it on, at home, but if you are looking for something for your child to do, if they are bored, suggesting that they work on the PBL project would be an excellent option! 


Links to our weekly notes will still be on the dashboard. 


If you are not connected via See Saw please reach out to me, and let me know, so that we can get that communication line open. It will be an important one, going forward, because it is also a way to get the spelling list home, and also to track your student's progress through their daily work, as they/I will be taking a picture of their chart, on a weekly basis, too. 

One other important item of note is that the church is going to be holding a short prophesy seminar, later this month.  If you have been concerned about current events, and how they play out in relation to what the bible tells us about end-time events, this would be an awesome opportunity for you to come and explore what leading biblical scholars are seeing in the news headlines.  This will be a nation-wide seminar that will include churches tuning in all across the country, via video feed.  We are excited to bring this opportunity to our community and hope that you will be able to join in.  It will run just three nights, Thursday, January 23 - Saturday, January 25.  Programs will begin at 7:00 pm.  Please feel free to invite anyone you think might also be interested.

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