Picnic plans:

Tomorrow, I have a special worship time planned, and we will put finishing touches on our cleaning from today, and be ready to go outside at about 9:30 or 10. 

Mostly we will have lawn-game type activities for the students to play till about 11:30.  Then we will eat, and celebrate the summer birthdays.  After that, there will be a short 'award ceremony' at about 12:15 and we expect to be all done at about 1:00 or so.  

You are welcome to come and go, as your work schedule allows you to, feel free to stay in touch by text if you need anything 'tweeked' to fit your schedule better. 

We have several pizza's coming, as birthday celebrations, and cupcakes. Several church members will be bringing various side dishes and some drinks, so we have all of the 'basic needs' covered, but feel free to bring a side dish, or some fried chicken, or whatever suits your fancy, and join in the 'potluck lunch'.  The more the marrier!


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